Monday, July 20, 2009

Mujahideen Email Recruiting and Another Visit By DHS

I recently received an message on my personal email address reading...
"I am an Engineer and Scientist with the Mujahideen Forces in Afghanistan.

I have a financial proposition that will benefit both of us greatly and if interested do indicate by replying for more directives.

Eng.Mohammad Fadhil."

FYI to the Feds... If you want to email prospective jihadis you may at least want to Salaam a brother.

Maybe not so coincidentally, this email was received one day before I was stopped (again) by the homies at Homeland Security in Seattle doing a "follow up" interview regarding my 2008 stay in Iran and the subsequent detention in Atlanta.

Since I visited Canada for less than 5 hours on an Alaskan cruise my name had to be processed by DHS. Due to my federal celebrity status I was flagged for an "examination" and a detailed search of my and my wife's belongings.

I would rate this last run in with Homeland a 7 whereas my last experience in Atlanta was closer to a 2. This time we were able to request a female agent to search my wife's luggage and were free to use the bathroom. We were even offered a small continental breakfast which was really the typical cop doughnut breakfast. The whole ordeal lasted a little longer than 2 hours from the time I was woken up in our stateroom to be interviewed till the officer hailing us a cab outside the port.

I hope this last run-in with DHS proves to them that they are wasting time and resources by interviewing me every time I re-enter the US.