Saturday, January 20, 2007

2 Men From Iraq

This is a film I made spring of 2006 about two men I knew from our community in Tucson. I hadn't really known their stories until I interviewed them for the film.


hamed said...

Nicely done akhi! Good luck with your competition.

Princess Coffee Lover said...

Sallam Brother

so you make films too??? Mashallah many talents :) ... btw those 2 men are my dad's good friends. when I read the title 2 iraqi men from Tucson their 2 names were the first to pop in my head *smart guess* lol
Well I really liked the interview it is so true.

about your message, unfortunately I did not get it. I'm so sorry but especially this week I can not attend the meeting cuz I have ALOT of planning to do for the 10 days of Muharram may allah help me! The small arabs community of woman has chosen few of us me and 2 other girls to plan the whole 10 days in different houses and you know the lectures, dua's, and Latmeeyat. So With school it's hectic. But Allah kareem.

I will order the shirts online inshallah !

Princess Coffee Lover said...

sorry *so stupid of me* it says you're a filmmaker in your profile ... sorry I never really read your profile!!!!!

Samar from Phoenix (you probably don't know who I am, but I'm Hani's kid) said...

That was really really really really interesting! Good job with the movie. Inshallah one day I'll catch one of your films on the big screen (if this is what your aiming for, if not...then i guess i won't)!

Jaas said...

hamed: Thanks for watching akhi

cofee lover: we have program at the Husaynia Friday- Monday I would love for you to bring your community to our center. I don't know how far your community lives but it would be nice to be all together for ashura.

Samar: Thanks for watching the film... feel free to share the link with others. This film played at the Fox theatre which is one of the biggest in Tucson. Inshallah this film sees many more screens like the Fox

Princess Coffee Lover said...

well I dunno we're about 16-20 woman. The only thing is we are doing everything in arabic. Everyone just planned it to be that way although there are few woman who are not arabs but still join. You know the Language is a big factor I guess.

Jaas said...

I believe we will be having people reading in both arabic and farsi and possibly in english as well. I am going to try to prepare something for the nights the community is gathering. language is generally a big factor.