Monday, February 05, 2007

Let the MADNESS begin

JorDan and myself have recently just jump started our pre production of our short film "The Runners" We have all but one location and the script is in draft 1.5 currently. We are cleaning and painting the interior of the trailer on Friday and casting on Saturday and Sunday. If anyone wants to help just holler. My insides will hate me with all this coffee I've been drinking.

(On a totally unrelated note)
I heard this lecture from Sheikh Hashim from Houston
He is really good.


Princess Coffee Lover said...

I'd like to help... By watching it after you

Your insides hate you, but your brain is totally enjoying it as a matter of fact it only takes few more cups for you to get addicted to it :D

LaiaLy_q8 said...

where is all this MADNESS taking place? :P

mahdioftheamericas said...

gimmie a ring if you need any help. (^^)

Jaas said...

princess: Your right. But I want to get some kind of sponsorship from a coffee shop so we don't waste so much money on it.
Laily: The madness is taking place in 4 main locations. The Guadalajara Grill on Prince and Campbell, a crazy random pizza shop in 3 points, the desert in 3 points, and a trailer on the south side on drexel
mahdi: I might take you up on that if we need someone to work with the chickens we will have in the front of the trailer.. since your so good at handling animals (i.e. kittens)

mahdioftheamericas said...

what the hells you talkin about? that kitten adores me. we're homeboys from qazvin. (O.O) <-- cat