Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Year

Norooz Mobarak

1. I have been too busy to do anything festive for the new year so next year I have to do something cool.

2. I have had a splitting headache for almost 2 days and I very rarely get headaches.

3. While rehearsing our actors today for The Runners we did an exercise to become more comfortable with each other and I shared something so personal that I felt guilty burdening people with the info.

4. I have effectively given up on school until this movie is at least done shooting. I have no motivation to do schoolwork when I know there is work that needs to be done for the movie.

5. I am supposed to have an idea of what I want to do as my Senior capstone film, but the script I wrote last semester and want to shoot is way too politically controversial to do so early in my career. I'm not trying to get myself on the Hollywood blacklist yet.

6. I drank so much coffee today that I felt dizzy.

7. I have to buy live chickens from the feed store tomorrow for the movie. : )


Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

Maybe your capstone won't get you in too much trouble. It might even score you some points in Hollywood. Go see Shooter. The politics are pretty blatant and unsubtly against the govt, in that one. And it's got bad as hell action scenes!

teagirl said...
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Abbas said...

you should eat the chickens after your done with him.. they will taste good :)