Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mashouf in NYC: the photo edition

Taken at a friend's wedding in Long Island, the bride shows off her henna.

Returning to the Upper West Side from the port authority is where I took this. The man on the left entered the train first and I felt that was enough for me to take a photo. But I didn't actually pull out the camera until the gentleman on the right entered the train.

In the Claridge casino bus terminal, Atlantic City. In order to get to work on time that day I left Atlantic City on the 5:30am bus to New York. There are 4 people out of frame that are also sleeping in uncomfortable red chairs.

Queens Bridge park in Queens, NY. Taken at the Thursday jam in the park.

Also taken at Queens Bridge Park.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I found Nemo.

An artist in Williamsburg spends his 4th of July making this mosaic on the street. Note the sign that says "We're arming both sides. Shiite + Suni Death Squads" on the upper left. Not unprecedented.


IranianPsycho said...

When I initially saw the first picture I though the guy on the right was a manikin...creepy!

l said...

I really like the bus one and nemo :)

teagirl said...
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Jaas said...

psycho: The man on the left reminded of the hellraiser films...

teagirl: I wish I could have gotten more of the people sleeping in the frame but they were so spread out.. I should have gotten a high angle. The nemo shot was probably one of the more spontaneous shots on the page but definitely a favorite.