Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Alive in Baghdad out of funds

I think AIB is a great group and a valiant effort to broadcast coverage of conflict past the surface of numbers, stats, and events. As of now it looks like they are in some serious financial trouble. Visit their site to find out how you can help.

An excerpt from a recent AIB blog...

"Now its September 25th, and when our bills come due on October 1st, we’ll be out of money. We’ve been paying ourselves a meager salary to get by because we do this full-time, while also paying a fluctuating staff of 5-8 overseas in Iraq and Mexico, between our translator, Baghdad bureau chief, and correspondents. It seems our big failure is that we are ahead of our time. Less flatteringly, neither did we have enough business sense to have a model for making money before we tried to change the quality of video journalism available online. There may be media democracy for the wealthy and privileged of the first world, but they appear unwilling to pay a few dollars to support that democracy in the developing world."

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Blue Rose said...

I think I know them from youtube, watched a couple of their vids. Are they exclusive online-ers?

this is sad.