Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy 1387

نوروز مبارک
This message is a few days late but better late than never. A few thoughts.
1. Praying in the airport can be one of the most awkward moments but one Salaam a'alaykum from a Dallas airport employee made my whole day.
2. My New York trip was great and the feedback I got on the rough cut makes me much closer to mentally shaping this film.
3. Shooting the breeze with Ridz in NYC was chill. He'll be doing the title sequence for Warring Factions.
4. People need to stay awake about the war that is still happening in order to prevent another from happening.
5. I finished another 2 Shariati books this week. His ideas are just as important now as they were when he was speaking. We need another Shariati in 2008. Study up.
6. Spending time with family is like therapy sometimes.
7. Wielding fear is the key to McCain campaign. Stay prepared for the scary diversion from the truth.

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