Monday, May 12, 2008

Sean Bell

As disappointed I was to hear the news of the final verdict of the Sean Bell case, I cannot completely grasp the feeling of utter disappointment and frustration that Black Americans must have in wake of this injustice. I found one of my favorite artist's thoughts on the verdict to be enlightening.

"I live less than fifteen blocks from the Sean Bell crime scene. Where today Friday April 25th the police officers have been acquitted on all charges. My limbs feel paralyzed and my body is numb. Although I know the power of not living one life in fear, I admit to feeling kind of nervous about going to the gym this morning, knowing the police and undercover presence will be at terrorist level. One of the superiors of the N.Y.C. detectives stated, "these police officers did not wake up that morning to commit a crime", but on the flip side of that, Sean Bell on the eve of his wedding did not go out that night to be killed. Every time a tragedy like this occurs it cuts deep. People know how big a sports fan I am, and I often use sports analogies in my writing. So here we go, this one goes out to preverbal hood! The system has adjusted its defense and its offense in accordance to your everyday game plan. Our objective is obvious, WIN THE GAME OF LIFE AT ALL COST! Healthy, free of sickness and depression, poverty. Happy with love in your heart for your family and your seeds. Inspired to show your kids how to succeed by example. Free, free to walk, free to think clearly free to hug your children. But sadly, WE ARE GETTING BLOWN OUT! It's not even close. Let me speak for myself. I struggle to stay optimistic because its not only about me I have compassion for all those in the struggle. Up until last year this time I just got my health insurance situation straight and was paying out of pocket for asthma medication and I'm sure most of the people out here who will read this blog can relate. At least to the point where you remember not having health insurance if you do now. You don't know stress until your contemplating going to the hospital during an asthma attack because you don't have insurance. We are losing in all facets of the game my dude, and I'm pissed, I'm ten times the soar loser that Kobe Bryant is. I HATE TO LOSE! As an emcee I feel like one of the many coaches in the game right now, we have to change the game plan. It's only halftime. We have to (hustle) smarter.
We have to encourage education in our children so that if they're called to take the stand at a trial they can express their sentiment clearly and articulately. I guess this is an outcry to all the other coaches and managers out there, any ideas on how we can at least get the tie for overtime."

-Pharoah Monch

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Reem said...

WOW that makes me feel sick that they could just get away with that another injustice how many more Sean Bell's will we have till something is seriously done?.