Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Remembering Vahdat

It's been a while since I've talked about Warring Factions. The project is currently sitting in the in-boxes of multiple film festivals. I have been really careful not to over step my festival run. I have multiple tentative screenings for the film which will be released once the film makes it's first big screening.

I wanted to post some raw audio from the film which we filmed inside of Zurkhuneh Vahdat in Tehran. Vahdat means unity and in this case it's referring to the concept of unifying humanity in the spirit of Divine unity.

These two audio tracks were recorded during a demonstration of young varzeshkaran, "athletes", who were coached by Agha Fattahi who was also my teacher. The morshed was a young man whose name escapes me at the moment but I remember that he was one of the most technically talented morsheds that I met in Tehran.

Zurkhuneh Vahdat pt.1 -

Zurkhuneh Vahdat pt.2 -


Ya_Baqiyatullah said...


Sounds like everything is going to plan with your documentary. I am greatly waiting for the release on DVD.

Also I do need some help with some of my videos. I have made a collection from my Iran trip on my youtube: www.youtube.com/altigerrrr - Look for the ones with SVC 2008 tag.


Raekwon the Chef said...

those are some serious drums

Deen al HAQ said...

Vahdat also means uniting of the Muslim Ummah.