Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Music Video Worth Watching?

A++ from me for sure. I'm sure much of my having gone into film was from the hundreds of music videos I watched as a kid but to be honest, most music videos I see now are quite wack. Now that the main venue of distribution for music video is the internet, there is a loss of replay value like that of videos in the 90s. I remember slamming tapes into the VCR as fast as possible to record my favorite videos as they came on. It was unpredictable when the video would play so there was a constant checking of the channels waiting for that moment.

Now that music videos are readily available and are being made by every other YouTube user it is rare that one stands out enough to want to watch the whole thing and/or share with others. This is definitely one of the exceptions.


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UK Hip Hop to the rescue