Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is the order?

At present Iran is in unrest. The mass reactions of the elections are that of dismay and those who feel they have been disfranchised and stripped of their voice have taken to the street. I have not been relying on one source of news media for my information about the election aftermath, rather a network of personal contacts in Iran, blogs, Twitter, and media coming directly from the streets.

Some have claimed this unrest is at its heart a struggle between Rafsanjani and Iran's Supreme Leader, Seyed Ali Khamenei, while many have been saying that the final numbers were a blatant robbery of the election because a Mousavi victory would skew the vision of the current regime.

Whatever be the case, the type of violence and unrest seen in Iran at the moment has the potential to be a huge step backward for establishing a legitimacy for the Islamic Republic and may eventually be a death sentence for the nation. The blocking of SMS messaging, limiting Internet access, filtering social media and the charade of state broadcast media has given Iranians and the rest of the world the image that Iran is insecure and willing to go great unethical lengths to keep their population quiet. Enemies of Iran will (and I'm sure already have) use this unrest for their own agendas, however, if allegations of voter fraud are false, then there is no harm in seeing the ballots and having an observed recount.

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Ahmed said...

What an incredible moment.. they were protecting the police man from the crowd.

Darya said...

this is getting out of control. pray for our nation

Anonymous said...

there is no going back when people are killed

Hajjia Fafa said...

I disagree to the anonymous comment...people are killed and ignored all the time. The question is, will people chose to ignore it and continue life or was this the last straw?

Anonymous said...

*cough* yellow journalism

Tehran does not equal Iran.

Of course, you really cannot expect reporting that would say otherwise. It wouldn't be in the best interests of the western world to report on the remaining 7/8 of Iran's population.

Anonymous said...

Shirazi said...

I don't have access to fb and other sites.
I can only check my emails.

All communication tools are limited here. They are making people silent.
Last night they attacked Shiraz University and hit students at school which is illegal.
Masters of uni protested the police to enter the school and dormitory but they hit them too.
Many teachers resigned and all final exams are canceled.
Last night many girls were standing outside of the dormitory because the police didn't allow them to go back to their rooms, so they called us and we invited them to our houses.
You don't know how rude they are.
They are like wild animals.
People here attacked public places like banks to show their anger.
I am so angry because there is no way to communicate with other people!!!!!!!!!!
Our voice should be heard please tell the world what's going on here.

mohamad said...

mir-hosain is a sore loser. period.

الله أكبر said...

A translation of the Rahbar's Friday sermon: