Friday, September 18, 2009

Maz Jobrani's Message About Warring Factions

If you want to support an independent film like Warring Factions you
can do a few things.

1. Spread the word. Write a blog, make a phone call, send an email,
tweet, text message, and/or carrier pigeon to your friends about the
movie. Additionally, I have started a Facebook event publicizing the
release here [Link]

2. Buy the DVD. Downloading the film is great but having the DVD is
much better for sharing and holding screenings for communities and
friends. The DVD also includes features which are not included when
you download the film. When you buy the DVD be sure to donate at
least another $10 to help with future projects.

3. Donate. Films are expensive to produce but documentaries that have
a message should be made to inspire change and not to make profits..
To make future films I rely on the people to support my efforts
financially. Just as mainstream movies are financed by large
conglomerated companies, my films are made with the support of many
people who want to do their part in voicing for change.


Sara said...

That's really cool. Maz is hilarious

Anonymous said...


Ali said...

persian like the cat.... MEOW!

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Muzafari said...

If I tell you How much I respect you for doing such a thing, its not enough man, Respect would be shy because the word is not strong enough to describe you

- Lots of love middle eastern Persian !