Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesus in Islamic Traditions

Jesus Teaches the People by the Sea (James Tissot 1886-1896)

Jesus said, “Who would build a house on the waves of the sea? This world is that house, so you should not take it as a dwelling.”

(Bihar al Anwar)

It is reported that the disciples were the followers of Jesus. Whenever they were hungry they said, “O Ruh of Allah! We are hungry.” Then Jesus would hit his hands on the ground and he would bring out two loaves of bread for each of them. Whenever they were thirsty they said, “O Ruh of Allah! We are thirsty.” Then Jesus would hit his hands on the ground, and brought out water and they drank from it. They asked, “O Ruh of Allah! Who is better than we? Whenever we want we are given food, and whenever we want water is given to us. We have faith in you and follow you.” Jesus said, “Better than you are those who work with their hands and eat from what they earn.” After this incident the disciples washed clothes by the stream and ate from their wages.”

(Bihar al Anwar)

The Apostles said to Jesus ‘O Ruh of Allah! With whom should we keep company?’ He said, "The one who the sight of whom reminds you of Allah, the speech of whom increases your knowledge, and the works of whom make you desirous of the next world.”

(Al Kafi)


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