Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Karbala Charity Bracelets

Buy the bracelets here

"Order your "One Nation, One Ummah" wristbands today! Remember the everlasting stand of Karbala with your "One Nation, One Ummah" wristband. This black wristband bears the following messages, on one side, "KARBALA" and on the other, "One Nation."

All profits will be donated to sponsor and provide essential services to orphans who have been affected by war and sectarian violence. We are working very closely with local and international charities who are providing an exceptional service.

Each band is $5.55 and we are offering a flat rate shipping and handling for just $2.67 which includes delivery confirmation. Remember, you aren't purchasing a wristband but providing sustenance to a child."

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have paid nearly 9 $ by my debit card, (Paypal) to order one wrist band, but i have not recieved it yet, could u plz tell me how long it takes more