Saturday, July 15, 2006

Babak and Friends = Stupidity


So according to this cartoon Iranians can't celebrate Easter because they're Iranian and it isn't a part of their culture. "We (Iranians) don't celebrate Easter." This statement isn't made with the following explaination that "My family isn't Christian" but only that Bobak's mother states that it isn't our (Iranian) tradition.
Is this cartoon saying there are no Christian Iranians?
Think again. To me, this is typical Iranian diaspora insecurity about religious tradition. Muslim Iranian's who have been wronged by the revolution feel a confusion about Islam considering it is the label put on top of of what has wronged them.
I would have rather heard Bobak say "My family does not celebrate Easter because my family is atheist" than to have him represent all Iranians by saying that we don't celebrate Easter because of our ethnicity, making it sound like we observe no religious occasions. This cartoon probably does more to miseducate non Iranians about Iranians than educate. The majority religious tradition in Iran is Islam. If you want to teach Americans about Iranians at least mention Islam and don't just ignore it like the religion of most Iranians is putting things that begin with an "S" on a plate and Haji Firooz with a tambourine in his hand. These people could have made a cartoon about norooz without comparing the Persian new year with a significant Christian religious holiday.
If I were Bobak I would have told my friends that we have Imam Mahdi's birthday on the 15th of Shaban which looks like this and we eat giant cakes.


Akbar-Abdul Salaam Rabojafarian AKA "Mike" said...

Salam akhi:

I remember when I told you about this cartoon, and I agree with what you said! At first I thought the cartoon was good and it is "educating" others, and showing how Iranians are still rich in culture despite not celebrating Western are right, it is masking the real reason why we do not celebrate the holiday. This is classic modern day Iranians though, simply stated: "confused" about who they really are.

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!