Saturday, July 15, 2006

War in Lebanon

Bodies of civilian villagers are seen next to the wreckage of their vehicles on the main road near the southern border village of Ter Harfa, Lebanon Saturday July 15, 2006. At least 12 Lebanese villagers, including women and children, were killed in what appeared to be an Israeli airstrike on a convoy of vehicles evacuating a village near the border with Israel in southern Lebanon, a witness said. The convoy was leaving the village of Marwaheen, which abuts the border, when it was attacked. (Courtesy of AP)

You won't see photos like these published in US. May God protect the people of Lebanon and Palestine.


Aziz from Kuwait City (Kuwaitians are Arabs too!) said...

Wow, you will never see these pics anywhere, but you will see pics of rockets coming out of the heads of bearded men from Lebanon and landing on the head of a young Jewish boy (oh, about 4 years old) as he was praying.

Nate OG said...

god. this is so frustrating. this is all a tragic mess. my body feels heavy when i think of the sad violent times this planet is facing ahead of us

Jaas said...

aziz: Media is distorted indeed, it is lobbied to be this way. The only way to change it is to lobby for the truth.

nate: true. This situation frustrates me considering I can do very little to help.

Anonymous said...

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