Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Preparing for Moharram

Tehran is preparing for the annual commemoration of Moharram. Many bazaar shops are selling banners, flags, posters, and other items referencing Imam Husayn. The colorful feathers and shields are designed to be fit on large alams and displayed on the street. The appendages of the alam are meant to represent the heads of the Imam and his followers which were placed on the tops of spears after the battle and paraded to Syria. The alam is generally operated by someone from a Zurkhane who can lift such a huge device.


IranianPhysco said...

Salaam Justin,
You think you can get me a ya Husyan flag? I would much appreciate it.

Maryam Eskandari, Assoc. AIA said...

was in tampa... everyone here is getting ready for it 2.. be back in AZ , will get ready for ours. c u when u get back