Friday, January 11, 2008

Propaganda at its worst

If you haven't heard yet, tiny speedboats can "threaten" huge American warships. I smelled hoax immediately when I read this story. Unfortunately the international press picked up this story and went to town without any critical commentary of such a ludicrous idea. I'm glad that I am far from the broadcasts of Fox News who were probably designing a new animated title for the "Battle of Hormuz."

Let's see some more theatrics like we saw at the UN in 2003 with the "satellite images" of nuclear- WMD- terrorism pie ovens.

It's really cold here.


Les Avenge Lexi said...

wow...well enjoy the snow while you can....almost time for you to return to AZ..... :( and :)

lexi said...

justin, its arya, i just heard about your blog from my parents. i haven't had time to go back and read any of your old posts, but i will soon. i hope everything is going well for you, and ill definitely check back regularly.