Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My welcoming committee to the US part II

I was instructed to collect my luggage from the carousel and bring it to a table and to include all of my carry on and items on my person. This area was in plain view of the baggage carousels and a general holding area for those being singled out by customs. I asked Officer T if there was anyway I could make my connecting flight to Tucson in an hour and he said that I wouldn't be making my plane.

Can I make a phone call to my folks to tell them I won't be making my flight.”

We'll see,” he said.

The two officers began removing the contents of my bags and separating clothing from papers and any electronic and optical media.

The other officer asked me a question as he opened the camera case. “What religion are you?”

I'm a Muslim,” I said.

Did you go to any religious schools when you were there?”

I sarcastically replied “Of course.”

Oh boy,” he sighed. After this comment the officer was called away by another officer and I never saw him again.

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