Sunday, February 10, 2008

My welcoming committee to the US

As some of you already know, my arrival from Iran to the US was quite an encounter. Now that I feel safer about telling the story I will release it to you.

On 1/13/08 I was exiting Air France 0388 from Paris to Atlanta at 3:45pm. Upon exiting the aircraft into the jet way I noticed that there were two homeland security officers in uniform checking passports. I found this odd considering my last international flight had no such passport check before the customs line. One of the officers, who I will call Officer T, was a tall white man with a military haircut. The other, who I will call Officer C, was a man who resembled Tone Loc with a police uniform on. After looking at my passport Officer T looked over to the other officer and told me to follow them into an elevator which went directly to the customs baggage claim area. Both officers stopped checking passports and accompanied me in the elevator. During this time my passport stayed in their hands. The other officer inquired as to what the contents of my metal case carry on was.

“A camera. I'm a film student.”

He followed that response with “Oh yea? Have you ever seen that movie The Kingdom” in a semi threatening tone.

I replied, “No.”

To be continued...


teagirl said...
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foruhar said...

“Oh yea? Have you ever seen that movie The Kingdom”

here are some silly alternative comebacks:

a) no but I heard it really sucks
b) no. have you seen No Country for Old Men?
c) no but I've seen Rendition