Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Inauguration and Gaza Ceasefire

Tomorrow is the beginning of a "New Day" in America's history. One cannot help but observe the public hope of change, however, I hope this word is not only remembered as a catchy campaign slogan of another American president unwilling to reverse the tide of destruction that has plagued American policy for years.

On the rolling credits of the worst American presidency in history Obama's challenges ahead of him are countless. Nevertheless, the American public must stay vigilante in never allowing such a flagrant disregard for international law and human rights in addition to blatant war profiteering and corporate favoritism.

Obama is being inaugurated on the funeral pyre of Gaza and the broken pieces of hope for reconciliation of Palestinians and Israelis. This ceasefire may mark a temporary halt in bombings but the violence of a destroyed Gaza still yields the smell of charred victims trapped in the rubble. Israel's goals to defeat or weaken Hamas has been lost as millions of Arabs and Muslims around the wold have been further motivated to acts of irrationality against Israel and the West. Obama's silence during the mercilless asault on Gaza has hinted to confirm the fears of "Other people" who suspected Obama would be just another player in a game they are not invited to and are not included in the rule book.


Birdman said...

word word word

Anonymous said...

Obama staying quiet on Gaza is the beginning of him showing his true colors

Abu Hamza said...

Only time will tell if his presidency will do what he said he stands for.

ReadABOOK said...

"...just another player in a game they are not invited to and are not included in the rule book."

well put

ShaykhZabir said...

You should check out what Norman Finkelstein had to say about the "ceasefire" that conveniently coincided with the Obama inauguration.