Thursday, March 19, 2009

Haft Seen

tarting the new year with positive energy and productivity is often challenging, but it's a must.

Seeing as I will be in NY this time next week I'm excited to attend Shuruq.

Starting my life in Los Angeles has been a big change from my life in Tucson. I miss my friends but I'm glad my parents have followed me here.

Stress can kill.. I sincerely believe that.

Some things in cannot be presented literally. It won't speak to the heart.

Strength of the heart does not necessitate strength of the mind.

Struggles of the past will always resurface in the present.


Pourya Vali said...

eid shoma mubarak!

Rick M said...

"Stress can kill.. I sincerely believe that."

amen to that

Anonymous said...

this was cool