Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Nowruz Message?

Earlier today I said to myself, "Man it would be a good idea for Obama to make mention of Nowruz or call up President Ahmadinejad and wish him a happy new year."

1/2 of those things actually happened! UNPRECEDENTED and WELL DONE!


extelly said...

let me pick my jaw off the floor

Soltani said...

White House khayli high tech shode

SheerBerenj said...

This is such an amazing moment

M. Wheelwright said...

Using poetry by Saadi and saying "eide shoma mobarak" in Farsi is a good attempt at appealing to the Iranian people and government.

However, the Obama administration needs to understand that this message alone doesn't make amends for decades of harsh relations between the United States and Iran.

Obviously, we all agree that there needs to be a shift in policies between the two countries, but I believe the Iranian government and people would like to start seeing some affirmative action taken on behalf of the United States before they "unclench their fists".

Unfortunately, the only thing that Obama has served up so far is rhetoric.

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

I concur with the last comment. Be careful how you take what Mr. Obama does. He's a politician - and quite a bit better at the game than most others. Don't miss the forest for the trees.

Muzafari said...

You just gotta love politics, I'm 21 years old and I have realized one thing .. these guys never do what they say .. its like I will go left once he reaches the turn he goes right and says no the next left is a better turn its a short cut .. you get what i mean?

politicians are people with lack of emotions and more rigid objectives, people are more emotional and less rigid objectives. You just gotta play your role right.

I am not being pessimistic about this, its a good thing. This shows world leaders actually KNOW what its all about, they know Nowrooz and they don't know the Iranian people, leaders and there way of life? it just sounds fishy