Saturday, April 25, 2009

LA Premiere... Less Than One Week Away

After a lot of planning and hard work it seems my film is finally playing in LA. As exciting as the screening in NY was, this upcoming screening at Noor Film Festival on May 2nd holds a special place.

Noor is one of the only Iranian film festival in the US. Considering my film is concerning Iran, it is appropriate to be seen by an Iranian audience and can definitely be appreciated by young Iranian American viewers.

My work on the film up and my challenges in getting it made, including becoming a terror suspect along the way, has lead up to this screening in LA. My plans for my next steps are unsure, but I recognize that this is a new world we live in which requires a new strategy to spread the hope of reconciliation.

I won't do my big reveal until later, but know that what I do will be surprising but more effective than the traditional path, God willing.


Rajaa said...

interesting... wondering about your proposed move.

A. Khan said...

Keep at it. When are you bringing the film to Canada

M. Wheelwright said...

Will you be coming to WA anytime in the near future?

Pouriya said...

I saw you on Iranian satellite TV =) when are you coming to London?

WAsu said...

nice mac book pro

ZZF said...

Justin, you got ROBBED at Noor Film festival.. you should have won best documentary for sure. I don't know what the judges were thinking. I give you my word that I believe you deserved it.