Monday, May 11, 2009

Noor Film Festival Screening Recap

It's been over a week since the screening at Noor and I am finally getting around to writing about it. My film screened on a Saturday afternoon and in true "Persian" fashion, 70% of the audience was 20 minutes late. I'm glad that my film was preceded by a 20 minute short.

Overall, audience reaction was by far better than any other screening. Every scene of nuanced humor, emotion, or frustration was followed by laughter and/or applause. I think the best received scene was that which Iranian bboy Hossein Battle is speaking about Iran- US relations. In the film Hossein mentions that "the US is not our big brother or cousin to tell us what do do," after which the whole audience hooted and applauded his comment. Regardless of Iranians varying opinions on Iran's current regime, the vast majority believes in an Iran that is sovereign and independent from the West in its decision making.

After the screening I was honored to hear such positive feedback from Reza Badiyi who has achieved a lot in the industry, especially as an Iranian-American. His feedback, more than anyone else at the festival meant a lot. Also, in attending the festival I was happy to meet Faramarz K Rahber who directed Donkey in Lahore and won 3 awards at the festival including Best Director. It meant a great deal to hear the filmmaker who won Best Director saying my film was his favorite in the festival.

The next day during the award ceremony Warring Factions was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Story/Idea. I was honored to be nominated at the festival and I sincerely thank everyone who passed out fliers, sent facebook messages, and told friends about the screening and the film. This festival has opened up a few more doors for the film and I hope to be screening again in LA since I was approached by so many people asking when the next showing was.


M Goli said...

Warring Factions was my favorite movie in the festival. I'm still a bit surprised that you didnt win.

ShaykhZubair said...

I think a screening at UCLA would go over well, and perhaps USC; I have friends in the film department there if you're interested.

Also, have you shown it in the Bay Area yet? I have some connections up there as well and I'm sure it would be well-received.

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

This is huge, bro! I'm so proud of you! I wish I could have made it.

Jaas said...

SZ: I have yet to screen in the bay but I am waiting to hear back from a few fests in San Fran. Hit me up with an email js.mashouf at gmail

Mahdi Joon: Thanks bro.. it's all good. hope to see you soon inshAllah

Bruce said...

I was very moved by your comments at the Q and A. You need to make more films.

Locs anf Crocs said...

Way to kill it Krillz. We miss you in AZ.