Tuesday, June 06, 2006


No pictures of the mausoleum (Haram). I have 3 on my cell phone that I took but you can't see them until I get to Tucson. However my cousin Omid has some from his mobile so I will upload those. I also took a sweet picture of my cousin's awesome car.


teagirl said...
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Les Avenge Lexi said...

rolling to bboy battles in that....yup! with all 10 of us in it! of course, only after photoflow pimps it out for us!!

hey....sake got a car!! white civic just like yours. now tim has to trade in his PT Avenger for a Civic Avenger! me, you, sake, paul....all civics! hmm....why does tim always have to be different?

jaasma said...

Love the pics especially the car! It's so cool to see Dad & the family in the background. I cannot wait to hear stories about Dad & "the car"! Heck, it's going to take years to hear all your stories...........Can't wait to see you when i pick you up on Sat nite! Travel safe my son,

Les Avenge Lexi said...

hey krillz....not sure if you talked to anyone lately, but tim told me yesterday that the boys aren't going to the battle this weekend in phx....for a couple reasons and i guess they have been asked to do an exhibition battle next weekend in phx. so...i'm off to sedona for the weekend instead!

the real reason i'm writing is to wish you happy travels! i would really love to see your pix and hear some stories if you have time before you are off to LA. maybe we can "do dinner" or something...do you eat ethiopian food...that's all i want lately! really though, i think we need to rent an auditorium and have you and your dad give a presentation!

ok...take care and hope to hear from you soon!

little ms. les avenge

ps...carolann...i'm sure you're excited beyond words and can't wait to have them back! enjoy!

Jaas said...

who are they battling in the exhibition?

Jaas said...

photoflow- The car might be a bit too gangster for you since the passenger side is in permanent gangster lounge mode. your dad might be able to handle it though. \LOL

Maryam said...

WOW! you took me there.... i can smell, feel, hear, see, and live it up! wow! you are really lucky. Love the pics, cant wait to see you home. See you tonight!

teagirl said...
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Nate OG said...

a good canidate for the Iranian version of Pimp My Ride

Les Avenge Lexi said...

i'm so gangster, you don't even know!

krillz...there's a post on onca's myspace page from tim about the battle. battling mellowdrama. it says the 16th, but i thought tim told me it was saturday, which would be the 17th. let me know any deets as soon as you figure it out. i've got some stuff goin' on this weekend and want to try to plan around it...hopefully i'll be able to go. i will cry if i can't.

i'm having bboy withdrawals...i was in sedona for the weekend. my weekend was bboy-less. :(