Thursday, June 29, 2006

what the deal is..

So I'm finally getting into the routine of work. The station is really home-like. We get home cooked meals for lunch and sometimes dinner, our receptionist is an old school Iranian man who lights isfand, teaches children how to write farsi, and reminds you not to whistle indoors. Playstation and soccer breaks are frequent throughout the day making my work day feel much shorter than it is. I also do not have to come to work during rush hour :)

On a more depressing note my $2 Iranian shoes finally fell apart today while playing soccer.

And my brother's cat hates me.


LaiaLy_q8 said...

i seeeeeeeee a wild cat :D

P.S. sorry about the shoeseez

Jaas said...

yea... the cat hides in my sister in law's closet closet and chills.... he hisses on my approach. no worries, the shoes have their spot on my hall of fame list for shoes i have owned.

teagirl said...
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Nate OG said...

I hate cats. Seriously. THey got attitudes like their grumpy people or something. Sucks about the shoes. Futbol is one hell of a game. Are they into the world cup over there like the rest of the world (except this country)?