Sunday, October 15, 2006

Buy that which has brought me hours of joy

A bit of a throwback to the 90's for you... I am selling my Sega Game Gear, the best portable game console before the PSP was made. You could actually watch TV on this. I used to have the TV antenna for it but I think it got lost when I moved to Arizona more than 10 years ago. I had some more games for it but I traded them for the Game Genie which I never learned how to use.
Check it out for sure.


teagirl said...
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Jaas said...

I can't understand how you hated it. You must have only had stupid games. If I don't sell it I'll start playing it again and waste hours more of my time.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i love playing Sonic on that thing

a fact not many people know about me: i own a game boy ^_^

teagirl said...
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mahdioftheamericas said...

hahaha. i can't believe that you actually posted the link to my auction. funzo. and you kidding me? the psp is not the best portable gaming system on the market. the umd format is dead and there are numerous glitches on the system itself. it's also way too expensive. i personally wouldn't pay 250 for a handheld system. the games aren't all that great either. you really buy a system for the games, not the system itself. i just bought a DS lite for $105 cuz it's better than the PSP. It's cheap and has games that you actually wanna play (mario. need i say more?). the only games that are decent on the psp are a few driving games and grand theft auto (if shooting people and stealing their money is your kinda thing). on the DS you can also access the internet using the opera browser. and who would say no to dual screens? nintendo has always had (and always will have) the upper hand in portable consoles. sales provide the proof. so take that you fascists! btw, laila is now 10% cooler for owning a gameboy. we could all learn something from her. haha. :)

Abdullah said...

Wow, I thought I was behind in gaming, but you guys are not aware of the "hacked" PSP. There are some who have found a way to manipulate the PSP so that you can put emulators on it and play old SEGA genesis, and Super Nintendo games (just like on a PC). You like about having every mario ever made. On top of that you can download other current PSP games onto the system instead of going to the store and buying them (yes, you have to pay 5 trillion durhams or ~$50 to get a proper memory card). In case you are not yet convinced that these enlighting facts makes the PSP the best portable gaming device, you can put music on it, movies (movies transfered from your computer, not just UMD movies for sale), and browse the internet. Essentially the PSP if manipulated by these mysterious wizards becomes a mini computer.

mahdioftheamericas said...

While that may be true, that console would be nothing more than a hacked PSP. Whenever you "hack" or "mod" any gaming console, odds are that you're destroying your processor and the board.

Also, it's not as if the PSP is the only system that has the potential of being modded. There's a ton of people doing the same thing to every other gaming console out there.

I'm not too sure about being able to play other formats on the system. When the codes for those games are written, there are certain codes used that apply to certain consoles. That's why you can't run an Xbox disc in a PS2. However, Even if somebody succeeds in changing the format, the results are normally short term. Most of the time you'll encounter problems such as freezing, strange text, and the inability to save. Keep in mind that this is probably destroying your system. That's just the thing with emulators and bootleg copies made by amateurs.. they're almost always flawed.

But if you do want to mod your PSP, look forward to forking over tons of money. Here's what you'll need to pay to start off: PSP itself ($250), Mod Chips and Emulators ($375 for BASIC materials), and a 4GB memory stick since you want all those games and movies ($150). $775 is your total. At this price you could buy a PS3 or Xbox 360. Keep in mind that all the money would go down the drain when your PSP stops functioning due to damage to the board and processor.

Let's face the facts. The PSP looks cool and it has nice features. However, the UMD format is dead and the console lacks good games. You could however mod it and enjoy the two weeks of game-play prior to your console exploding in your hands. I think I'll fork out the $105 for the DS lite and have a jolly good time playing mario kart and metroid prime hunters.

Jaas said...

you do that while me and Abdullah pay $200 for a system that can do this
LOL at the video... i like how he specifically disses the DS

mahdioftheamericas said...

hahaha. notice how mario lags a couple times. also, at one point the screen goes are crazy for a second. yep.. studies continue to show that i'm ALWAYS right. ;)

p.s. i'll admit the old ds was kinda crappy (mainly due to the appearance), but the ds lite is awesome. check it outttt. btw, i like how nobody is bidding on the game gear. you fascists.

abdullah said...

Mahdi from America:

I am not sure where you got your $775 price tag, but here on earth here is the prices we pay to pimp out our PSP's:

$150 for a used PSP
$80 for a 4 GB disk (just look on slick deals)
$0 for the emulators...most people just download them instead of pay the $350 you claim.
TOTAL COST = $230 for one ultimate gaming machine.

Crashing PSP? Never seen such an occurance on any emulatored system.

mahdioftheamericas said...

When you mess with the system's code you have the potential of destroying the system. It's like when you go into windows and just delete and add random lines of code.

Most people play it smart and get modding chips. These range from 30-75 bucks. So if you want that extreme gaming machine, you'll probably end up paying 300ish for the materials. You still need that memory stick since you won't be relying on UMD, so that's another 150. And a used PSP on ebay doesn't go for any less than 200.

According to sony and microsoft, modding a video game system causes a great deal of stress to the board, cpu, and almost every other component in the system. Basically, you're slowly killing your console. If you want a crazy machine that can do everything, you're probably better off with the PS3.

Oh btw, the DS has a $35 mod chip that lets you watch movies, listen to mp3 files, and play other game formats. It basically does the same thing as the PSP. However, it still proves disastrous results for the system.

Anonymous said...

Modding your system does nothing wrong to it as long as its done right... I have a Xbox modded a PSP and a DS lite all modded and they all work fine never had an issue.. Of course Microsoft and Sony say that They dont want you to be able to pirate software... My xbox has been modded for years and It all works great... The emulators and roms are all free my xbox I didnt even need to buy a modchip just a little solder here nad a new hardrive and 007 pass through and whallah I put a new OS on it (Linux baby!)... That all being said I prefer my DS lite to my PSP the touch screen with the stylus and all is really cool Plus It has Brain Age that game rules!!