Monday, October 02, 2006

who doesn't love murals?

A friend of mine is redoing his mural at Skrappy's downtown. I haven't seen the finished product yet but I took photos of it at about 70% completion. It looks dope already. I'm wandering what the finished product will look like.
For contact info of the artist just post a comment with your email.


mahdioftheamericas said...

That's pretty dope. Jesus did it right? When's he gonna do the one in your house?

teagirl said...
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mahdioftheamericas said...

wha? jesus is in the elephant man? i'm lost.

Sarah said...

oh my god, I totally love these!! They are so good!

Jaas said...

Mahdi: I don't know when he'll do our back wall... it's Mahdi's wall. Yes Jesus is in Elephant Man... He gets interviewed.
Photoflow: yes that was his work in the background... i have to get shots of the finished product.
Sarah: I'm glad you like his work.. He is very good at what he does.