Monday, November 27, 2006

Children of Men

Just got back from the press screening of Children of Men. The film was incredible. It paints quite possibly the scariest and most feasable picture of the world in 2027 when the world is incapable of having children. Clive Owen's character is entrusted with a young pregnant women to get her to a safe place called the Human Project. Meanwhile, there is a huge guerilla war happening and militant groups are tracking them trying to use the baby for their own agendas. The photography in the film is amazing and it has some of the most unbelievable long take sequences that I have ever seen. The film is released on Dec. 25th so now you know what you're going to see on Christmas day. Thank me later.


teagirl said...
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mahdioftheamericas said...

oooooh i wanna see. :)

Les Avenge Lexi said...

wow...maybe i'll actually go to the theater for the first time in like 12 years!! no...i really think it's only been like 4 years.

Jaas said...

teagirl: eeeeh shooghel shooghel

Mahdi: indeed

Lexi: So when you came to the loft to see my film it was your first time in 4 years? i feel special

Princess Coffee Lover said...

The movie was depressing just like War of the Worlds. But I have to admit the movie has an awesome picture to it.

I wonder ...why are we focusing so much on making movies of the future, making it look so evil. Why do you think the movie industry is heading that way?

I guess what really gives me the freaks of such imagination is the present we are living all over the world now, the chaos you know. The possibility of it becoming so evil in 20 years ahead.

We don't need to worry alhamdulilah inshallah our Imam AS will free all innocent believers.

Jaas said...

princess: I honestly think that is probably where the world is going. Look at Iraq and the Middle East at large, look at Africa. There are multiple genocides happening around the world and creating the chances for even more acts of violence. InshAllah our Imam reappears soon. Until then we have to prepare ourselves for the world we will live in.