Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Times

1. My film screening went really well this last sunday. A lot of people came out to support. Even a friend of mine who has been living in Hawaii for some months now came to the screening during his really short visit to Tucson. I didn't win any awards but having my film play in the Fox theatre alone is an award.

2. My physical condition is really good right now just incase anyone was getting any ideas of trying to wrestle me or something. I'm taking challengers since I got all hyped up seeing this. (Thanks Hamed)

3. I'm super happy right now about Saddam being sentenced to death by hanging, Rumsfeld's resignation, and both the Senate and the House being changing majorities.

4. I saw Stranger Than Fiction tuesday night at a pre screening at the U of A and I really enjoyed it. Will Ferrell's best movie as of now, for sure. Expect a review sometime soon.


mahdioftheamericas said...

1) True that.
2) Damn, the thought of us two sweating and wrestling all over the floor really had me going. :(
3) Woot woot, marg bar Saddam! As for Rumsfeld and changing majorities, we're really just trading off for the lesser of two evils. It's not like abortion, zionism, and gay marriage represent our values either... although I'm still up in the air about gay marriage. ;)
4) Oozers. I wanna see. O_o
4b) Khodaya Khodaya, ta enghelabe Mahdi, ze nehzate Khomeini, Khamenei ra negahdar.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

"My physical condition is really good" i could tell after today :p

teagirl said...
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Jaas said...

Laily: thanks for coming on friday :)

Teagirl: i did not take any photos. Maybe I will find some on the internet.

Abolfazl Abbas is my amoo said...


I accept your number 2 challenge! Inshallah this SUNDAY will be the showdown...since I have not shown up the last 2 weeks, I am stating on your blog that if I do not show up this Sunday November 19, you officially beat me in wrestling. Gather the other competitors, and we shall make up some tournament with the song from that video playing in the backround.

Jaas said...

Pessar Barodar Abbas: I'm looking foward to it.