Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Episode #2


jaasma said...

Great to see you Hon......How fun that Ian was there to hang out for a few days too! So, what do the shoes look like? Also, how's the food???????????????

Anca Niculescu said...

Juice tin

I love your refection of the days past! I'm so glad you're here this summer- can't wait to see more nyc montages :)

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

You gooze.

InshaAllah I´ll be at JFK at around 7am on June 26. We can meet for breakfast, inshaAllah. I think my next flight will leave around 11, so we should have a bit of time, inshaAllah (read - halal hot wings for breakfast?)

I think the Mexicans, here, really want to meet you.

Maryam Eskandari, Assoc. AIA said...

u crack me up! what's with the brooklyn accent?

"aight, brother, u jus keep dat camera rollin , and we be keepin an eye on ya ill foot-ges and mo of dat tight architecture!"


Nate OG said...

Diggin' the NYC episodes. Looks like a lot of fun out there homie. Keep 'em coming.


have fun and enjoy but not for the omanis

flood water a very big mess here

keep us updated


Blue Rose said...

worlds biggest Cathedral in NYC?!!?!

I'll make sure I go there to see it with my own eyes :)

why would you wanna buy shoes from NY??!! I would starve to death in NYC they're expensive lol!