Sunday, June 24, 2007

Varzesh Bahstaani

Hamed gave me this tape a while back to transfer digitally. This is the style of music used in the Zurkhane, House of Strength, a place where a traditional form of Iranian exercise is practiced. This art always has interested me and it's one thing I am really looking forward to seeing when I go to Iran again. For more information visit the above link. Also check out this video from German TV.



Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

Idea (that you've probably already thought of): When we go to Iran this Winter, InshaAllah, we can visit Mahdi B. in Qom (I told him we would), and you can interview him to get his perspective on growing up with tandem Iranian and American cultures, and how he came to making the various decisions and life-choices that led him to where he will be at that point, in his Islamic studies, and such.

Dude, get ready for Tuesday. I'll email you my itinerary. If we can't meet up this week, inshaAllah we can when I spend like 9 hours in NY on my way back, in July.

iranian psycho said...

Dude, these audios are tightness. Can you send them to my email. Thanks