Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fear Eats the Soul

I've been raiding my cousin's collection of films.

This one stood out and was one of the strangest stories I have ever seen. It is part of the Criterion Collection and the English title is Ali: Fear Eats the Soul. It is about an older German widow who randomly meets a Moroccan man at a bar and ends up marrying him. She is discriminated by her friends and family for her decision to marry an Arab and Ali gets very upset that his new wife cannot make, nor does she enjoy cous cous. I think it was an interesting look on interracial marriages in a post Nazi Germany but it comes off as oddly simplistic, makes Arab men look really stupid, and Arab women crazy jealous. My favorite part of the movie was when Ali's old fling literally spits at the site of him with the old German woman. There are a couple other classically awkward moments in this and they alone make it worth seeing.



Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

But Justin, Arab men are astoundingly stupid, especially Moroccans. And Arab women are insanely jealous... and also stupid.

This is probably one of the most honest testaments to life ever produced on film.

Haha, Kadhim would kill me if he read that. But hey, at least its true for some freeloading, wannabe rich, wanna rape 17 year olds, dont clean then house, are afraid of kittens, masturbate a lot, retarded Arab students, who we know.

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli said...

disclaimer for people who dont understand good humor:

My above comments about Arab men and women were jokes. Except for the reference to certain students.

I really do love Arab women, and will likely end up marrying many.

Blue Rose said...

marrying many huh mahdi?!?!?! you can only marry 4 as a muslim, and I bet that's gonna be fun!!!someone is busted...

I was like WTH is that guy talking about... I was laughing to be honest, i was like he lives in Tucson who has he met so far to be implementing these judgments against us Arabs!!! lol

I have to say I'm very disappointed in you! :P