Thursday, September 14, 2006

2 stories of interest

I haven't been watching any TV lately but I'm sure the media and the Bush administration is busy at using the 9/11 buzz to get another war rolling. The speculation of many has been that Bush admin is planning to do something similar to "Iraqi freedom" on the WMD/ nuclear threat ticket.

These 2 stories are of interest to the subject.

My roomate said that he doesn't think this aired but I speculate that it did considering someone who doesn't work for MSNBC posted it. I wanna have lunch with this anchor someday though..
2. Headline : US Iran report branded dishonest. If the IAEA is accusing you of lieing on nuclear reports you're an obvious liar. How do you invent reports that contradict the official International Atomic Energy Agency and expect them not to say something? If the US is able to get support for war on Iran based on their exaggerated nuclear capabilities, I will only blame every American for being an idiot. That includes myself... because we should all be trying to right falsehoods and tell the truth to those who are being lied to.


teagirl said...
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Jaas said...

i'm suprised more people don't call them out for lieing