Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katrina clap gets interrupted

Mos Def was arrested Aug. 31 after MTV's VMA's
because he didn't have authorization to perform outside of Radio City
Music Hall in New York.

Police ordered the rapper to end his impromptu performance of "Katrina
Clap," a song criticizing the Bush administration's response to
the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Representatives for Mos Def said the rapper was unjustly arrested and
that the whole situation was captured on camera.



Aziz from Kuwait said...

My God, Freedom of Speech in this country has come to an all time low. We are becoming worse than 3rd world countries in the sense that anything you say negative about our president or the war on terror, you are an "evil doer" yourself. Two other examples of recent violations of freedom of speech: 1) The arab guy who had to remove his shirt that had "We won't stay silent" (or close to that) written in Arabic before boarding a JetBlue flight. 2) The rich Muslim New Yorker who was providing Al-Manar coverage during the recent war on Lebanon. This case is very interesting...he was arrested by an undercover agent who posed to want to get Al-Manar. The provider then paid $250,000 bail, and this is just the beginning of court battles that I hope goes all the way to the Supreme court.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

seriously strange :/

mahdi said...

3) my history teacher telling me that islam is a terrorist religion and shouldn't be discussed in public schools. what an anus. and what's this about aziz from kuwait actually being hamed?

Jaas said...

aziz: I didn't know about the JetBlue incident but that is ridiculous. I have heard stories of enough people lobbying together on a flight before take off so "suspicious people" couldn't be on the flight. Suspicious people normally always translates to be Muslims and people from the Middle East.
Laily: NYPD are some of the best in police brutality and overall wackness.
Mahdi: I would have gotten your teacher in the newspaper for saying something so ignorant. and yes aziz is our friendly neighborhood hamed. "Kuwaitis are Arabs just like Saudis, Lebanese, Jordanis..."

Hamed (identity no longer secret) said...

Here is the article about the T-shirt having to be removed because of the "offensive" Arabic writting:

mahdi of the americas said...

hey hamed! you can blame hosain for revealing your identity. ughhh it's like the case with scooter libby all over again. likewise, do what i do.. blame the zionists! :p

Jaas said...

hamed: that article is ridiculous. If they tried to make me change my shirt at the airport I would just start screaming all crazy... "The new world order has arrived. AAAAA AAA AAAAAAAAA!
Mahdi: Your literary refrences are hilarious