Tuesday, September 12, 2006

update shmupdate

1. Rough cut of the ambulance scene of The Last Man looks great.
2. The Noor refugee picnic is on Saturday which means that I will be a clown for the day.
3. Props to Yusra and her poems on this fresh blog. We need more Muslim poets who actually know how to write.
4. Hamed and the Phoenix crew love Eegee's so much they should get endorsements.


mahdi of the americas said...

yeah... i'm not showing up to the noor picnic. clowns scare the hell out of me. can't you dress up as a pirate or something?

ah the night at egee's. what larks.

teagirl said...
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Hamed said...

I LOVE EEGEES! You people from Tucson do not know the "gadr" of Eegee's. It is the Jewel of Tucson! One day when you move on from Tucson and move to Phoenix, then you will know how valuable having Eegee's is.

mahdi of the americas said...

yeah egees are quite the barakat of allah. mark my words... in a few years, egee's will become more valuable than oil or gold. mark em!

Jaas said...

photoflow: You weren't invited to that afterparty because your sister already had maxed out her bloodsugar at the park.
Hamed: I'm gonna try and find you an eegee's tshirt that you can wear to educate the phoenicians about what they are missing.
Mahdi: I'm sarting to invest in piƱa colada and strawberry. I'm doing more research on the other flavors as investment opportunities

mahdi of the americas said...

hahaha. i just remembered nuni had so may sodas that a thick layer of syrup had condensed on her face. look at the pics... you can see it! ha. adorable.

mahdioftheamericas said...

i created a blog! check it out at: