Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today is the first day that the internet card I got is working properly...
Still smoothing out the edges of the production schedule here. People have been extremely helpful with the project and my Amu and Pessar Amu have been converted into film producers. Tomorrow we are going to Vizarat Irshad to get some official status. Hatim Productions has also done a lot to help.
On another note
Know that when you order the "Moslem meal" on Air France it means that you will get your food 30 min. before everyone else.
Know that if you sit next to another Iranian American on the plane to Iran, they probably know one of your family members.... amazing.
Praise the Lord for being able to eat hot red beets from street vendors with old friends twice in a day without getting sick.. yet.

more pictures to come...


Les Avenge Lexi said...

yay! so excited...huge smile on my happy to see these few pics and hear your update. keep em coming!

حاجی نباتی said...

hi, the meal issue :P is the same as in Lufthansa too.
Have a good trip

Ya_Baqiyatullah said...

Have a good trip. Like the updates so far :)