Saturday, December 22, 2007

Training in Tehran

Last night was a practice at the Shaheed Chamron sports complex on Dr. Shariati Street. The floor was definitely nicer/cleaner than the last gym we practiced. A few of the guys last night practiced footwork and flow moves which was nice to see. The way practices work here is a bit different from the US. Not only does everyone stretch out but they also run laps and do conditioning exercises. On the average, all of the bboys here are in much better shape than bboys in the US. Most of them either come from a martial arts background or gymnastics. I wish I could upload footage from here but 56k is molasses wackness.
I crushed one of the kids last night when he overheard me saying hip hop dancing sucks (no offense). I felt awful but mentioned that if someone can incorporate freestyle moves with bboying their style will be the hotness.


حاجی نباتی said...

آقا نکن این جوری

Les Avenge Lexi said...

can't wait to see footage. how many times a week are you practicing? perhaps conditioning exercises is in order for Les??!!

haven't commented, but love the last couple posts....still checking several times a day for updates!

def let us all know about that's next week or something?

Bboy Wicked(Farid) said...

Huh...!:D...HoW...R...Yo..Bro...?!Wass...Up?! endakhti tu bloget:X
TC Jaas