Friday, December 21, 2007

Big bday

The 19th was my birthday. If you forgot, it's no problem. Here is the photo summary of the awesomeness that ensued on my bday. After a day of constant changing plans of whether to come back to Tehran from Qom or not, Mahdi B and I arrived to Tehran at 10:30pm not knowing that my uncle and cousin were waiting for me to come home all day. Regardless, this was one of my best birthdays for many reasons, some which I will disclose in a not so global fashion when I come back to the US.


Maryam Eskandari, Assoc. AIA said...

Happy Birthday Uncle J!
I remember last year we had your birthday in Orlando Florida and we all went out to that Awesome Chinese resturant and I couldn't stop eating Mongolian Beef, until you gave me the EYE! and packed it away... ah the EYE! THE EYE! Hurry home so we can do a belated Birthday! Mahdi B, HI! keep me in your prayers.. me have exam!

Mons said...

I say Happy Birthday (grunt) in Maryam grrr caveman language. Justin Birthday Happy!
Baba says "elahi ..."
Maman says She is praying for you and Eltemase Du'a and she says she misses her pesar

Have Fun Justiiin!