Friday, December 14, 2007

New Tehrani Friends

Yesterday I finally met Hossein Battle and his crew, ironically named Unknown Crew. They took me to the bashga (gym) for practice. The bboys in Tehran have practice everyday at public gyms around the city. Each gym has a different day for practice and every bboy in the city can use the gym for free. For the most part everyone practices power, very little tops, and very little footwork. About 5 guys have consistent airflares and a few of those have some very good combos. 2 guys have "control style" 90s that they could probably do 6-8 rotations consistently. Hossein's crew asked me if I could tell if they were bboys when I saw them walking towards us in the subway. I said of course. I remember when I first started bboying, we used to analyze every person our age we saw to see if they were a bboy or not. The first thing we looked at was the sneakers and how they were being worn down, their clothes, then the height, then the build.

There is a crew battle in 2 weeks that I am going to battle with them. It is rumored that Lilou from France will be coming for the battle. They might have me judge the battle but I would rather compete. I really want to look into making a national Iranian bboy team to travel to jams in Europe and Asia. The problem is that the guys have trouble getting visas to European and Asian countries.


Les Avenge Lexi said...

word. i'll manage that crew! lol.

photograph the sneakers, please.

and spread the word about world needs to know!!

(ps, per your suggestion, it is also, as well as and, ya think?!!)

Dan Zev said...
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Dan Zev said...

Hey man, Iran sounds great. That's awesome that you met up with a bboy crew over there.

I just moved to Brooklyn and I'm living near a mosque, every time I catch the call to prayer I stop what I'm doing and listen to it. It's the most beautiful sound.

jaasma said...

Hey Jus!

Glad you are able to blog now & it's great to see the pictures!! Hope you had a great 23rd birtday sonny boy & happy filming!!!